How to Access and Search the CSU Media Library Photographic Archive

Registered User can now preview and download their college’s commissioned archival photographic assets. CSU Guest Users can preview and place order requests for all archival photographic assets. Learn how to register as guest to access the CSU Media Archival Library.

Colorado State University’s photographic archives are now directly available from the CSU Media Library. All digitally archived photographic assets are posted at their highest resolution and download requests are made available in 6 hours or less. Follow the instructions listed below to view the CSU Media Library Photographic Archives.

  1. Login to the CSU Media Library
  2. Use the More Searches link at the top of your web browser page, find and click on the Archive Asset Search. You are immediately taken into the photographic archive database where all archived assets display an archive date in red text.
  3. Use only the Refine Search Panel tools on the left side of your browser window to narrow your search within the Archive Database. You can preview this video for assistance on how to refine your search. See note below regarding the use of top level search aids.

Please note that once in the Archive Database, clicking on any of the links at the top of your web browser including the Home, Dashboard, Assets, More Searches, Categories, Collections, or the Quick Search field will return you to the Contemporary Photographic database containing only the last three years of commissioned and stock photography.

For further information regarding the CSU Media Library Photographic Archive you can search the FAQ list below or contact CSU Photography by email.

CSU Media Library Photographic Archive FAQ

What are archived assets?

Assets that have been moved to reduce storage costs while maintaining searching and ordering capabilities. Archived assets may take several hours to become available for download.

Can I search both the Contemporary and Archive Databases at once?

No. The Contemporary and Archive Databases are separate.

What is the difference between the Contemporary and Archive Databases?

The Contemporary Database consists of photography produced within the last three years. The Archive Database consists of all digitally produced assets older than three years.

How do I access the Archive Database?

See instructions 1 through 3 listed above.

Can I use the Quick Search field (located at the top of your web browser) to find assets in the Archive Database?

No. The Quick Search field will only search the Contemporary Database. Once in the Archive Database, use the Refine Search Panel (the panel on the left hand side of your browser) to search and narrow your search results.

How do I search the Archive Database?

Use the Refine Search Panel (located at the left of your browser window) once you have entered the Archive Database. Using any of the search tools listed at the top of your web browser will return you to and search the Contemporary Database.

Why can I no longer see the Blue Flagged archive assets?

Blue flagged archive assets have been replaced with high-resolution archive assets in the Archive Database.

How do I know if I am getting the highest resolution possible?

All archived assets are posted at their highest resolution. Note that because of the age of some assets, they may have been captured with lower resolution digital cameras resulting in smaller file sizes.

Why do I get the message “This order contains one or more archived assets, which may take several hours to become available for download.”?

The Archive Database is a near-line archive. Retrieval of your requested assets may take some time to bring on line, process, and deliver.

Where do I get the assets I have ordered?

If your Archive order request isn’t immediately available you can use the Dashboard drop down menu located just to the right of the Home icon on the left-hand side of your web browser window to select the Downloads link. Then click on the Downloads from Orders tab to see all available orders.

Will I be notified when my download request is ready to be downloaded?

No. If your Archive order request isn’t immediately available you can check your Downloads from Orders page for a list of available downloads. Your Archive download request will be present when ready.

When I try to download my college's commissioned photographs, why does it state that an approval is required?

In some instances when you attempt to download a photograph, you may have several photographs selected in your Selection Panel. Should some of these photographs not be commissioned by your college or division, an approval request would be required. It is good practice to review the items in your selection panel prior to clicking the download button. See this Selection Panel link to find out how to add and remove photographs from your Selection Panel.