The Marketing & Brand Management team is a full-service on-campus design agency ready to assist the University community in solving its visual communications needs. From simple postcards to multi-page, multi-color annual reports; to displays and recruitment projects, Marketing & Brand Management can assist in navigating the creative process from concept to production.

The talented Marketing & Brand Management team has an in-depth knowledge of the various University audiences and has the skill and creativity to visually communicate messages that shape how your intended audience perceives you.

Services Available

  • Conceptualization and visual problem solving
  • Publication design
  • Advertising design
  • Display and environmental design
  • File preparation
  • Illustration
  • Photo illustration
  • Campus maps
  • Acrobat and PowerPoint presentations
  • Style editing

Contact Us

Marketing & Brand Management
Hartshorn, 2nd Floor
6025 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6025


Bonnie Palmatory
Senior Graphic Designer
(410) 708-84111

Alina Osika, Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing & Brand Management, University Marketing & Communications, Colorado State University

Alina Osika
Senior Graphic Designer
(970) 491-6305