Ownership of Native Files

Marketing and Brand Management, on behalf of Colorado State University, owns all digital files created by its staff in the course of preparing communications materials for University partners. Across all projects, the communication deliverable is the agreed to, approved final product, not the files or other materials used in the process to create the communication deliverable. Marketing and Brand Management grants our partners the reproduction and display rights, but does not grant the right to create adaptations or derivative works per US Copyright law.

Electronic Files

Marketing and Brand Management will provide University clients with low-resolution files for posting to the web or other internal uses. Additional fees may apply depending on the complexity of the request, including but not limited to: staff time, software licensing, medium, and administrative charges.

Transfer and Use of Native Files

When requested in advance, Marketing and Brand Management will provide a copy of native files (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) of communication deliverables with the following understandings:

  • Marketing and Brand Management retains ownership of the files on behalf of Colorado State University, and is not transferring ownership of the files by providing a copy.
  • University partners receiving copies of the native files must agree not to manipulate or to provide the files to any outside company for the purposes of reproducing or reusing the art elements, per the University’s mandated Central Communication Policy.
  • Partners must request copies of the native files for reproduction, repurposing or altering, at the start of the project. At that time, Marketing and Brand Management and the University partner will agree upon a cost and which usage rights may be licensed based on the partner’s intended use.
  • If granted the right to reproduce or alter the work, partners using the files as the basis for other projects must assume full responsibility for subsequent projects and not represent them as the work of Marketing and Brand Management.

For additional information about file ownership, consult the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).